Product News: Shimadzu Releases ChromSquare V2 Software for GCxGC(MS) Systems

22 May 2014

Shimadzu, one of the world leaders in analytical instrumentation, has released the ChromSquare V2 software for GCxGC(MS) systems.

ChromSquare V2 provides easier and more reliable data analysis from GCxGC(MS) analysis, enabling all operations from qualitative to quantitative analysis. This software was introduced at the 38th ISCC (International Symposium on Capillary Chromatography), held at Riva del Garda in Italy.

ChromSquare V2 results from cooperative research with a group headed by Professor Luigi Mondello at the University of Messina (Italy). This group implements cutting-edge research in the field of comprehensive 2D chromatography.

Background to the development
GCxGC(MS) analysis is a technique allowing connection in series of two columns with different separation characteristics which enables the separation of target substances even for complicated samples containing hundreds of components. It is applied in fields such as foods, flavorings, environment and chemistry. GCxGC(MS) analysis is also used to analyze natural substances containing many impurities which are impossible to analyze with normal 1D GC or GC-MS methods, and for separating trace components hidden by main components. Quantities of 2D data obtained from GCxGC(MS) analysis and data from mass spectrometers used as detector are extremely large. They cannot be analyzed with a normal workstation and need complicated handling and exporting procedures.

Perfect software for easy data handling
ChromSquare V2 simplifies the GCxGC(MS) analysis process with complicated matrices. It provides a higher operability and data visibility, while enabling easy performing of quantitative analysis. In addition, it runs cooperatively with Shimadzu’s GC-MS software. As a result, this is the optimal product for customers who want to perform analyses with the same operating methods as conventional GC and GC-MS software, and for customers who want to perform both qualitative and quantitative analyses.

High data visibility and linkage with GCMSsolution
ChromSquare V2 can display a 2D map with boiling point and polarity as the axes, and a raw chromatogram and spectrum that are sources of the map, as well as a table summarizing information on peaks detected in the 2D map, all in a single window. This simplifies data analysis. In addition, it allows data from Shimadzu’s GCMSsolution (GC-MS software) to be imported directly, and enables searching of database information.

Easy calibration curve creation and quantitative analysis
By simply switching between the three panels, the user can perform all necessary operations from qualitative analysis to creation of calibration curves and quantitative analysis. This software enables general GC-MS users to achieve easy data handling of a wealth of information with its intuitive operability.