Product News: Samples Are Safe And Secure With Sureseal™

16 Oct 2007

The new Sureseal™ cap has been introduced following significant research and development and is designed to protect against leakage to ensure optimum protection for all liquid samples stored in the laboratory.

Now available from SCIENTIFIC LABORATORY SUPPLIES LTD (SLS), the patented Sureseal™ cap is fitted to both Polystyrene and Polypropylene 30ml universal containers. These are available with printed or plain labels as well as those pre-dosed with boric acid. A loose spooned version is also available for the collection of faeces.

The profiled, easy-to-use cap features an elastomer seal which is chemically bonded to the cap body and is designed to retain drips, whilst a secondary seal and ‘wiper’ feature means containers remain secure and leak proof. SUREseal™ capped containers can be centrifuged up to 3500g and they are manufactured under aseptic cleanroom conditions.