Product News: PrimaDiag Introduces New Range of Modular, Affordable, Automated Liquid Handling Solutions

25 Jun 2014

PrimaDiag, a French company that specializes in the design and manufacture of high efficient automated pipetting platforms, is pleased to introduce its new ACSIA line of automated liquid handling platforms. With the aim to increase your productivity, avoid contamination and improve work efficiency, the PRIMADIAG ACSIA line offers a new concept of robots that are is simple, modular and affordable.

This system relies on a set of robotic bases and accessories that can be combined to support a given biological protocol. Robust and reliable, it is managed by a powerful intuitive software PrimaController® II, which enables rapid creation and automation of any new or routine protocol.

The ACSIA product line is designed to perform a wide variety of liquid handling protocols with minimum effort from the end user, with fast and easy installation and training, and a mastered cost for a quick return on investment.

The platforms are available in two sizes to fit your work bench, ACSIA and ACSIA XS. The flexible ACSIA offers 16 SBS position and allows for the setup of complex protocols through the addition of numerous modules, while the ACSIA XS has eight SBS position and provides users a compact solution for a wide variety of liquid handling protocols – ideal for laboratories with small and middle throughput.

Four editions are available, including the ACSIA Extraction Edition, ACSIA NGS Edition, ACSIA PCR Edition – designed for fast PCR setup using any tubes or microplates – and the ACSIA Sanger Edition, which utilizes a Magnetic Work Unit based on the APIM technology patented by Primadiag, allowing powerful and easy-to-use nucleic acid purification from any magnetic beads.