Product News: Next Generation Student Microscopes – Setting Exemplary Preconditions in Educational Microscopy with the Leica DM100 and the Leica DM300

23 Apr 2014

To set exemplary preconditions for students in life science courses, Leica Microsystems continues to enhance the Leica DM100 and Leica DM300 Educational Microscopes. Both microscopes are now equipped with new high performance achromat objectives and ISO labeled plan achromat objectives. There is also a new open monocular tube and an improved optical correction for the binocular tubes. Especially for the Leica DM300, the mechanical stage is now improved with enlarged stage travel. All of the added and improved features of both microscopes are geared to enhance the learning process in the microscopy classroom. They allow students a clearer view on the specimens, so more details can be discovered.

Improved field flatness with high performance objectives
The Leica DM100 and Leica DM300 are supplemented with new achromat objectives, featuring an improved field flatness, so that a bigger area of the specimen is in focus. Conforming to ISO 19012-1:2013, both microscopes can also be equipped with a state-of-the-art set of plan achromat objectives. The international ISO label validates the high performance and quality of these objectives.

Visualizing more details with higher contrast
Leica Microsystems also enhanced the binocular viewing tubes. The newly corrected binocular tubes enable users to observe the specimen in a higher contrast. For more flexibility in the working process, the Leica microscopes are also provided with a new open monocular tube. This way, students can swap eyepieces quickly and add some with reticles for measurement if necessary.

Working efficiently and saving time
Especially for the Leica DM300, Leica Microsystems enhanced the mechanical stage. It features an improved 76 mm x 50 mm stage travel, which can cover two standard microscope slides. The students are now able to scan two slides at the same time and observe every part of the specimens – even if the specimen fills out the whole specimen slide. This makes working with the Leica DM300 more efficient and also time-saving.

For many years, Leica Microsystems has supported students with high quality microscopes to maximize the students’ learning experience. “The DM100 and DM300 improvements will be a welcome enhancement for the increasing demands of the microscopy classroom. The students can now work more efficiently, save time and enhance their learning process”, says Vince Vaccarelli, Educational Product Manager of the Leica Microsystems Industry Division, Buffalo, USA.

Image: The Leica DM300 sets exemplary preconditions in educational microscopy. It’s improved with ISO labeled plan achromat objectives, optical correction in the binocular tubes and enhanced stage travel. These enhancements allow students a clearer view on the specimens, so more details can be discovered.