Product News: In the News this Week: New Pocket Molecular Sensor, Improving Leukemia Patient Care & Clinical Data Solution

06 Jun 2014

Read our top stories from the news this week:

Could New Pocket Molecular Sensor Detect Food Fraud in Seconds? 

Could consumers soon be able to detect food fraud with a handheld device? A new, pocket-sized, affordable molecular sensor could allow users to analyze the chemical makeup of materials, including the composition of food, in real-time.

Every Breath You Take: Clearing Brazilian Smog for the FIFA World Cup
Sao Paulo is home to some 20 million people, and approximately seven million cars. Deaths from car accidents are high in Brazil, but the clogged roads and rapid rise of industrialization have given rise to a much bigger killer: the air itself. This SelectScience article investigates the effect of pollution in Brazil on human health.

Automated Cell Separation Method Enhances Leukemia Patient Care
Read this two part article on the use of allogeneic stem cell transplantation to treat a wide range of haematological malignant diseases and bone marrow disorders.

New Collaboration to Quantify Type 2 Diabetes Markers
Scientists at Nuclea Biotechnologies, Inc. and Thermo Fisher Scientific are pooling their expertise to develop novel multiplexed research methods for high-throughput quantification of native insulin and its therapeutic analogs. Monitoring the levels of these markers may be useful in predicting the response to therapy for Type 2 diabetes.

New Cloud-Based Clinical Trial Data Solution
CluePoints, a leading provider of Centralized Statistical Monitoring (CSM) solutions for clinical trials, has announced a web-based version of its intelligent risk-based monitoring platform that enables sponsors to determine the quality and integrity of their clinical trial data.