Industry News: Genedata Biologics for Biopharma R&D at 10th Annual PEGS

06 May 2014

Genedata, a leading provider of advanced software solutions for drug discovery and life science research, today announced that the Genedata Biologics™ workflow management system will be among the featured presentations and poster sessions at the 10th Annual PEGS Protein Engineering Summit 2014. The Genedata Biologics platform, an end-to-end solution for biologics R&D processes, will be detailed in a presentation at the PEGS Engineering Bispecific Antibodies session. The presentation – “High-throughput Bispecifics Generation and Testing” – will examine how Genedata Biologics enables the systematic design and cloning of large numbers of novel molecules while automating downstream expression, purification, and characterization processes. Other capabilities of Genedata Biologics will also be featured in poster sessions at PEGS (Seaport World Trade Center; May 5-9).

Genedata Biologics – Enterprise Platform for Biopharma R&D
An established platform used by a growing number of leading biopharma R&D organizations, Genedata Biologics supports the entire biologics research and development processes, with a special focus on antibody screening, protein engineering and lead optimization, and biologics production workflows. Designed as an integrated platform to manage all biologics samples, molecules, and other R&D process-relevant data, Genedata Biologics supports day-to-day laboratory workflows and directly interfaces with laboratory instruments to facilitate data and sample handovers. A central registration engine provides unique naming and tracking of all biologics molecules, batches, and sequences, and relates these to relevant assay and analytics data. Full barcoding and automation support enable true high-throughput biologics R&D operations.

The PEGS poster sessions will showcase how Genedata Biologics enables flexible and ultra-high-throughput workflows, and how classic process bottlenecks can be removed. Poster sessions include:

High-throughput Hybridoma-based Antibody Discovery
Session: (IA) Phage and Yeast Display | Monday - Tuesday: May 5 - 6
Data-driven Antibody Engineering
Session: (IIA) Engineering Antibodies | Wednesday - Thursday (am): May 7 – 8
High-throughput Design, Production, and Evaluation of Multi-specific Antibodies
Session: (IIIA) Engineering Bispecific Antibodies | Thursday (pm) - Friday: May 8 - 9
“We are excited about the continued expansion of our Genedata Biologics platform, which now supports fully automated, high-throughput next-generation antibody generation and characterization,” said Dr. Othmar Pfannes, CEO of Genedata. “Our commitment to innovation and solution advancement is acknowledged by the increasing number of organizations that are making Genedata Biologics the platform of choice for biopharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing.”

Editorial Note: On May 8 at 2:40pm EDT, Genedata Biologics will be featured in the PEGS Engineering Bispecific Antibodies session -- “High-throughput Bispecifics Generation and Testing” by Maria Wendt, Ph.D., Senior Scientific Consultant. To schedule a briefing, contact