Product News: Genedata Announces Genedata Screener 12 Supporting Biophysical, Combination and Panel Screens

17 Jun 2014

Enabling refined analyses of High Content and Time-Series Screens, version 12 minimizes data analysis time to optimize efficiency and productivity

Genedata, a leading provider of advanced software solutions for drug and life science research, today announced the release of Genedata Screener® 12.

This latest version of the industry's single-platform screening solution provides: new capabilities for data analysis of technologies such as Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), Thermal Shift, Combination and Panel Screens; broadens workflow support; and minimizes data analysis time. Genedata Screener 12 features advanced image management functionality and a newly-designed Analyzer module, which optimizes user efficiency and productivity - from loading data to generating final analysis results. Addressing emerging research requirements, Genedata Screener 12 broadens the portfolio of innovative screening data analyses that can be handled in a single software system.

Platform Enhancements Increase Screening Productivity & Improve Data Analysis Results
Used by leading pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and academic research institutions, Genedata Screener is the infrastructure-shaping solution for all types of screening projects. Supporting high throughput and a broad range of screening technologies, it delivers the industry's fastest data loading and calculation capabilities. Now, it also completely automates processing, from data import to results. This high degree of automation is especially useful in multi-step data analysis such as dose-response curve and compound combination experiments and in pre-processing for time-series and single-cell data. While ease-of-use enhancements help increase user adoption organization-wide, the new release also has time-saving features that minimize system maintenance and enable analysis workflows for newer technologies and applications. Moreover, version 12 enables the platform to be easily customized to handle specific applications, technologies, and customer requirements.

Highlights of Genedata Screener version 12:
• Integrated Screener Core is a single application for accelerating the complete workflow, which enables complete analysis parameterization, automated result calculation upon data import, and single-click navigation from dose-response curves to well data and back
• Screener for SPR analyzes data from any biosensor instrument and standardizes and automates SPR raw data loading, pre-processing, analysis, result generation, and reporting
• Screener for Combination Screening robustly computes synergy effects (using Loewe, Bliss) and offers enhanced display of combination results (e.g. as isobolograms)
• Flexible Support for Panel Screens to measure multiple targets or cell lines in one experiment
• Streamlined Image Management for multi-instrument environments with fast secondary analysis
• Easier Customizations with administrator and user guides and self-contained plug-ins
"Genedata Screener has established itself as the software of choice for all plate-based screening technologies," said Dr. Othmar Pfannes, CEO of Genedata. "As a single-platform solution, it creates cost efficiencies, streamlines and standardizes data analysis, and accommodates new technologies and applications such as biophysical and compound combination experiments. With version 12, we enable researchers to fully leverage the most advanced technologies used in their drug discovery process and we are fully committed to continually advancing this platform to meet their evolving needs."