Product News: Fortis Technologies Launches New 5µ Speedcore Particles

19 May 2014

Launching its new 5µ Speedcore columns into the market, Fortis Technologies is expanding its current range of liquid chromatography products.

5µm Speedcore is the latest addition to the core-shell particle range from Fortis Technologies. Speedcore is designed to increase speed and sensitivity of analysis for the HPLC analyst. 5µm Speedcore offering the efficiency of a traditional 3µm particle

Speedcore C18 is a high efficiency particle, producing over 2 fold increase in efficiency over traditional fully porous particles being achieved routinely in standard HPLC systems. This in turn leads to increased resolution and separation of analytes.

“Fortis Technologies is proud to include this series of columns to its ever increasing line-up, Speedcore is complementary to our existing range of HPLC and UHPLC particles columns already available.” stated Mark Woodruff, Sales and Marketing Director. “By introducing a core-shell particle we are offering the analyst a complete range of UHPLC and HPLC columns, providing them with options in their laboratory to improve throughput and productivity”