Product News: Drug Discovery 2009: Preparing Samples for Drug Discovery…

01 Sep 2009

Porvair Sciences Ltd has announced it has chosen the ELRIG / SBS 3rd Drug Discovery Symposium in Liverpool, UK (7-8th September 2009) to demonstrate its latest microplate products that enable drug discovery scientists to optimise sample preparation and improve productivity. Visitors to Stand F4 will see a new compact, budget priced fully electronically controlled Thermal Sealer developed for laboratories sealing small to medium batches of microplates.

The versatile device is capable of producing an accurate and tight seal on any SBS proposed standard, deep well or PCR microplate from 3 to 62mm in height. Also on display will be the popular TriSeal High Throughput Sealing Station, running with an automated stacker/loader. This powerful combination offers unattended sealing of up to 100 microplates per batch.

For laboratories looking to remove the traditional drug discovery 'bottleneck' of solvent evaporation in 24-well vials or microplates prior to analysis or reconstitution in buffer - Porvair Sciences' recently launched 24-well MiniVap™ sample concentrator will be of particular interest. The affordable 24-well MiniVap takes just minutes to dry down a plate. Compact in design the MiniVap will fit into any standard fume cupboard and is ideal for laboratories tasked with smaller numbers of individual 24-well plates, or bijoux vials of 13.75mm diameter.

Designed to be easily assembled and disassembled by robotic manipulators the Porvair Sciences Universal Robotic Manifold enables productive automation of SPE or DNA clean-up procedures.
Able to accommodate collection plates from 14mm - 44mm in height and adaptable to work with three different lengths of drip director the Universal Robotic Manifold offers the unique capability of being able to operate with all brands of filter plate and waste collection reservoir tray.

At this important meeting – Porvair Sciences will also be showing a selection of its comprehensive range of applications optimised microplates.