Product News: Bruker Highlights Innovative Technology for Receptor Recognition in Living Cells at mmc2014

17 Jun 2014

Bruker will host a free workshop at this year’s Microscience Microscopy Congress in Manchester, UK, entitled ‘Mapping Receptor Over Living Cell by Peak Force Tapping’. The presentation, which will take place Wednesday July 2nd at 1.15pm, highlights the advantages of Bruker’s Peak Force Tapping technology for receptor mapping in live cells.

Life Science application of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) is broadening enormously today. With its high- resolution, non-destructive operation, and nowadays fast speed, AFM is a welcomed instrument for any researcher.

Whereas fluorescence microscopy techniques allow labeling and tracking of components inside cells and the observation of dynamic processes, AFM is mainly a surface technique that can be operated on a wide range of biological samples. AFM not only enables extraction of topography but also mechanical properties as well as mapping receptor over membrane surface down to nanometer lateral resolution.

During this seminar, Bruker will present the latest achievements in receptor mapping through functionalized AFM probe at unique level of lateral resolution and speed of acquisition. This progress became possible thanks to Peak Force Tapping technology which associates minimum 10x higher rate force spectroscopy while alleviating drawbacks present at those rates and extracting in real-time all key mechanical parameters such as adhesion, dissipation and Young modulus. Meanwhile, this technology also reports remarkable lateral resolution in receptor recognition down to sub-protein level as well as larger statistic (1000 Force curves per second).

To illustrate those performances, different examples will be exposed like receptor mapping over single protein or living organism such as yeasts and cells. Most of the presented data were obtained in routinely manner and lead to novel observations and discoveries in each topic.

Workshops are free to all visitors at mmc2014 to attend. You won’t need to pre-register, just make sure you turn up on time to ensure you have a seat.