Product News: 7 Ways PURA Water Baths Promise to Streamline Laboratory Workflows

JULABO shares the top features designed to provide accurate temperature control and facilitate reliable and efficient routine work in the lab

14 Jun 2019

Water baths are part of the basic equipment in the laboratory and must fulfill high demands on functionality and reliability. An important point is the accurate temperature control of samples, which are often very sensitive and can, for example, be altered or even destroyed by unwanted temperature fluctuations. In the development of the PURA water baths, JULABO, therefore, aimed to emphasize the reliable, effective, and smooth support of the daily work in the laboratory. The result is water baths that are designed to work trouble-free and require little maintenance, thus guaranteeing not only optimal but also time-saving work processes. 

1. Easier Day-to-Day Work

The PURA brand stands for precise temperature control and consistent results in routine work. In addition, the water baths are also characterized by a modern and above all functional design. To facilitate the regular handling of daily temperature applications in the laboratory, the PURA water baths are operated directly from the front. As a result, important controls are clearly arranged and easy to reach. The water baths are equipped with a strikingly large display so that all indicators can be viewed immediately. The bright display is easy to read even from a distance, eliminating the need for periodic water bath inspections. 

The functional design facilitates water bath handling

2. Space is Not an Issue

PURA water baths can be flexibly placed and, thanks to their different sizes, adapt perfectly to the space available in the laboratory. Low weight and ergonomic recessed grips make it easier to move and transport the water baths to any location. Draining the water bath must not be considered when choosing the location. The bath can be drained easily and cleanly into a suitable vessel everywhere using the integrated drain screw. 
The PURA is the ideal companion, especially in a small laboratory or in dentistry with limited available space. The smallest water bath PURA 4 with dimensions of 21 x 35 x 22 cm is particularly space-saving and offers all the advantages of the larger water baths of the PURA series apart from the integrated drain screw. With a filling volume of 0.8 to 4.5 liters, even the smallest sample containers can be tempered in the PURA 4 without problems. In addition to the plastic test tube rack, a stent lifter and stainless steel hygiene insert made are also available for the small water bath as an accessory for dentistry.

Finds a place – even in the smallest laboratory

3. Simply Clean

Since no disturbing functional elements are installed in the robust stainless steel baths, the baths can be cleaned quickly and without residue after draining. Biofilms, which serve as a breeding ground for germs and other microorganisms, hardly have a chance to adhere to the smooth surfaces of the water baths. The use of the Aqua Stabil water bath protective media from the accessory program can prevent contamination of the bath fluid. The germ-reducing effect prevents the formation of algae, bacteria, and microorganisms in the water. Attention: Aqua Stabil has no effect on contamination already existing in the water! 

Fast and easy to clean

4. Higher Quality in the Laboratory

However, PURA water baths are not just about their proven features. To ensure that the water baths can withstand even permanent loads, JULABO relies on a high material and component quality for PURA. Moreover, there is also the best workmanship. Everything is manufactured following the motto “Made in Germany.”

Permanent load – no problem 

5. On the Safe Side

No need to fear careless movements: The design of the PURA water baths for safe use in the laboratory is tilt-proof. Non-slip rubber feet prevent slipping so that the water baths stand safely even on smooth or wet surfaces. The PURA scores with edge surfaces specially designed for the water baths, which automatically drain condensed liquid into the bath so that nothing is spilled. To make sure that the required temperature control times are maintained precisely, the PURA water baths feature an internal timer function. An acoustic signal sounds as a reminder after expiration of the entered time. Depending on the setting, the device either continues to operate or switches off. The integrated high temperature cut-off prevents damage to the water baths. The lift-up bath cover – available as an accessory – protects against loss of water due to evaporation and is easy to install with the right tool. Due to their excellent workmanship and high-quality materials, PURA water baths have no sharp corners and edges that could injure users.

Bath cover protects against water loss through evaporation

6. For Every Requirement

The PURA water baths with their large bath volumes offer plenty of room for the application. Without disturbing functional elements in the bath, the entire inner surface can be used for the temperature control of samples. The samples stand safely thanks to the included, removable platform. Samples placed in the bath are immersed and thus optimally tempered. Since a minimum amount of water is used as a filling, even small sample containers stand firmly and safely during the temperature control application. To cover a wide range of requirements, PURA water baths are offered in five sizes with a bath volume of 0.8 to 36 liters. The JULABO accessory program includes a selection of plastic test tube racks suitable for the water baths. Test tube racks for 60 and 90 test tubes as well as for 21 tubes are available for maximum flexibility with different samples. JULABO's accessory program also includes bath covers with ring openings for temperature control applications of Erlenmeyer flasks and similar. The diameters of the ring openings vary from 92 to 190 mm. 

Removable platform for guaranteed safe standing of the samples

7. For Small and Large Temperature Applications

Due to the different bath volumes, PURA water baths are suitable for both small and large temperature applications. Almost any sample container can be tempered in one of the PURA water baths using the proper accessories. PURA 4 is ideal for small samples. The smallest water bath in the series is designed for one test tube rack. PURA 10 can hold two, PURA 14 three, and PURA 22 five test tube racks. The large PURA 30 even accommodates up to seven test tube racks. With counter-cooling or a bath cover from the accessory program, all PURA water baths cover a wide working temperature range of +18 °C to +99.9 °C. The use of a bath cover supports a temperature stability of ±0.15 °C. The heating capacity for the two large PURA water baths is 2 kW, for PURA 14 1.8 kW, for PURA 10 1.2 kW, and for the smallest water bath 0.5 kW. Working near ambient temperature is no problem with the cooling coil available as an accessory.

Water bath for up to seven test tube racks

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