Product News: 3M Empore SPE and Filter Plates

23 Oct 2008

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) is a widely used technique for the isolation and concentration of analytes from liquid samples to achieve increased sensitivity in the analytical process. The Empore range offers innovation for environmental and bioanalytical sample preparation.

Empore96-Well Plates provide a means of high throughput sample preparation by processing 96 samples in a standard 8x12 microcolumn plate format compatible with standard 96-well plate liquid handling technologies and injection systems. Empore™ 96-Well Plates are available for solid phase extraction (SPE) and for filtration after protein precipitation.

Empore High Performance Extraction Disk Plates are designed for solid phase extraction (SPE) of analytes from biological samples. Parallel sample processing allows 96 samples to be extracted in approximately one hour or less. Each well of the plate contains a standard density Empore particle-loaded membrane for efficient sample extraction. Elution can be accomplished in as little as 100 µL with mobile phase or mobile phase compatible solutions for direct injection onto chromatographic systems. Extraction disk plates are ideal for sample preparation prior to LC/MS and other high throughput analytical instruments. The Empore Extraction Disk Plates are available for small volume applications up to 1.2 mL in the standard 96-well plates or for larger volume samples (PDF, 35 Kb) up to 2.5 mL.