Product News: 25 Years of Revolutionary Microplate Reader Technology at the LS2

16 Dec 2014

Since its establishment in Offenburg, Germany BMG LABTECH has become a world leader in microplate reading due to continuous development of innovative and unique technologies. 25 successful years in the industry attest the quality and reliability of BMG LABTECH’s products and services. BMG LABTECH will showcase the CLARIOstar® with new Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) and POLARstar® Omega, at the LS2 Annual Meeting 2015 in Zurich, booth #33.

The CLARIOstar® multimode microplate reader offers filter-like performance with advanced LVF MonochromatorsTM that provides increased sensitivity over conventional monochromators. The LVF MonochromatorsTM, along with filters and an UV/ Vis spectrometer can be used for a variety of applications in up to eight different detection modes. With its new Atmospheric Control Unit the CLARIOstar® is able to provide the physiological environment for any cell type, enhancing cell-based microplate assays.

The POLARstar® Omega is equipped with an ultra-fast UV/Vis spectrometer and simultaneous dual emission, representing the best combination of performance and flexibility for all life science applications. The POLARstar® Omega meets the requirements of RT-QuIC seeding assays as it is very robust and the transport system can handle harsh settings, such as long periods of high-speed shaking.

To see the future of microplate reading technology visit booth #33.

Picture caption: The CLARIOstar® multimode microplate reader with unmatched sensitivity.