Industry News: ZEISS and microbiome analytics firm Perseus Biomics establish partnership

02 Jun 2020

This partnership aims to develop an optical technology for microbiome research, specifically for the quantitative analysis of the microbiome.

ZEISS can draw on its longstanding, extensive knowledge in the development, manufacturing and marketing of optical and photonics systems, as well as the digital solutions that go with them – particularly in quality measuring technology. At the same time, the company is actively shaping global markets in the field. Under the partnership agreement, Perseus now stands to benefit from this expertise.

“The microbiome is a field of strong research interest with the potential to fundamentally change our understanding of living systems. It has substantial implications for medicine, agriculture and other areas. Abundance analysis of the microbiome is one key element of this research and Perseus’ innovative optical technology has the potential to enable it at a new level. The investment is a way of consistently implementing our strategy in the field of Advanced Sensor and Data Solutions,” says Gerrit Schulte, Head of ZEISS Ventures.

“We are pleased to announce this Partnership with ZEISS, and we see it as a formidable opportunity to accelerate the development and launch of Perseus MAP platform and establish it as a pioneer in the field of microbiome abundance mapping. We have assembled a first class scientific and R&D team that ambitions to revolutionize microbiome analysis, making it faster, more precise and more affordable, while opening the way for broad reach personalized medicine. Access to Zeiss technology expertise in optics and its global market reach will be critical in the success of Perseus” says Walid N. Hanna, Executive Chairman of Perseus.

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