Industry News: Waters Welcomes Chang Gung University as Taiwan’s First Centers of Innovation Program Partner

CGU’s Healthy Aging Research Center focuses on degenerative diseases affecting elderly human health

16 Jun 2015

At a recent ceremony at Taipei’s Chang Gung University (CGU), Waters Corporation welcomed the University’s Healthy Aging Research Center as a Waters Centers of Innovation (COI) Program partner - the first in Taiwan.

The Waters COI Program recognizes analytical scientists facilitating breakthroughs in health and life science research, food safety, environmental protection, sports medicine and other areas through the use of liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry.

Led by Dr. Daniel Tsun-Yee Chiu, Ph.D., Dean of Research & Development, and director of CGU’s Healthy Aging Research Center, the Center focuses on the implementation of advanced analytical science to answer key questions on the mechanisms of disease that affect human health, particularly in the elderly.

Dr. Chiu has a special interest in the effects of oxidative stress on cellular function and establishing reference laboratories to assess oxidative stress and antioxidant capacity in health and in diseases. He is currently the president of the Society of Free Radical Research-Asia and he has published over 140 scientific articles along this area.

Dr. Chiu expressed his deep gratitude that CGU’s Healthy Aging Research Center has been selected to become a Waters Center of Innovation partner.

“We are truly honored to become Waters Corporation’s COI partner in Taiwan. I am confident that the research conducted with the assistance of Waters’ technology will lead to breakthroughs that will greatly advance the study of various degenerative diseases and their impact on human health. I would like to once more extend our thanks to Waters for their recognition of our research,” said Dr. Chiu.

Attending the ceremony was Dean Yu, General Manager of Waters Taiwan, who extended his congratulations on behalf of Waters to Dr. Chiu and his team.

“Dr. Chiu and his colleague, Professor Ming-Shi Shiao have been advocates, technical advisors, and pioneers in the field of metabolomics, metabolite I.D. and profiling in Taiwan for many years. Their considerable influence within CGU, as well as other major Taiwanese and international institutes is well deserved.  On behalf of all Waters employees, we are excited that Chiu’s team is now a Waters COI partner," said Yu.

Currently, the Healthy Aging Research Center at CGU is equipped with Waters® Synapt® HDMS systems, ACQUITY UPLC® systems, including an ACQUITY® UPC2 system, and Xevo® TQ-S systems.

The Centers of Innovation Program ceremony was held in conjunction with a symposium, “Metabolomics from Bench to Bedside” which was co-organized by Chang Gung University and Waters Corporation and featured presentations by Professor Jeremy Nicholson, Imperial College London; Professor David Wishart, University of Alberta; Professor Kumar Sharma, University of California San Diego; Professor David Herold and Professor Liang Li, University of Alberta.