Industry News: UCT’s New SpinFiltr™ Approach to dSPE Clean-up!

28 Mar 2017

The latest addition to UCT’s QuEChERS line puts a new “spin” on dSPE. SpinFiltr™ combines the practice of conventional dSPE with the added benefit of ultrafiltration. UCT’s new format of dSPE sorbents paired with a 0.2µm filtration device, simultaneously removes unwanted matrix compounds and filters samples without the need for any additional steps. Salts and unwanted matrix stay in the top chamber, while purified extract is filtered and collected in the bottom portion of the tube. The chamber is then simply discarded and analysts are left with only purified extract that is ready for analysis. Try a sample today of one of their5 initial configurations! 

Key Features:

  • Simply discard dSPE chamber containing unwanted matrix and sorbent following centrifugation.
  • Recover additional sample volume without worrying about the disruption of centrifugation layers.
  • Obtain enhanced extract purification with our built-in 0.2µm filtration device.