Industry News: Spark Holland Signs Global OEM Deal with Axel Semrau

The OEM deal aims to bring new improvements to existing equipment

06 Apr 2018

Spark Holland B.V., a leading supplier of analytical sample prep and sample introduction instrumentation, has announced an OEM deal with Axel Semrau®. Axel Semrau will brand a comprehensive portfolio of Spark Holland instrumentation, adding value to its innovative hardware program by using CHRONOS software control and development of dedicated applications. Axel Semrau has been a distributor for Spark Holland products and services in Germany, Switzerland and Austria for more than 7 years, making the company highly experienced in the application and service of Spark Holland technology.

Through the OEM deal Axel Semrau will be able to provide globally a high level of software integration, technical application and customer service. Axel Semrau will feature innovative Spark Holland technologies, for example Flow Through Desorption and SymbiosisTM ULTRA, as well as consumables, such as a full range of SPE cartridges up to 1000 bar. Using such technologies, the company will make automated sample preparation systems under the Axel Semrau label, co-branding this as CHRONECT SymbiosisTM

“The OEM deal resulted as a part of strategic decisions by both Spark Holland as well as Axel Semrau.” commented Spark President, Rob van der Knaap, “At Spark Holland we want to focus our significant capabilities on our OEM customers, continually improving our solutions, technologies, instruments and services in the Analytical Instrument market."

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“We are very pleased to add Axel Semrau as our OEM customer. Its team is highly experienced in Spark Holland products, and Axel Semrau’s own advanced software now connects our technologies directly to most of the MS software packages. Since we know the Axel Semrau team to be highly qualified, determined and knowledgeable, we are confident that they will also manage our existing distribution network very professionally and provide a large experienced service team. We look forward to seeing our DBS Autosampler and new SymbiosisTM ULTRA technologies introduced in their new system range during 2018. With this deal current partners and customers win, as do Axel Semrau and Spark Holland.”  

Axel Semrau’s CEO, Dr. Andreas Bruchmann is delighted with the new deal, adding, “We have long held more global ambitions to make our innovative CHRONOS software and ability to develop fully automated workflows a success. We plan to introduce new systems to increase the momentum of Spark’s well recognized and market accepted online SPE technology globally. Axel Semrau uses CTCPAL products which will now be combined with Spark Holland technology, so we supply the software integration all the way to the MS. The Axel Semrau team will also carry out the Factory Acceptance Test, even with a proof of concept or validated workflow.  We can now ensure we will meet the expectations of our customers even for the most challenging applications for sample preparation, and we are keen to start discussions with our partners and customers.” 

The formal commencement date of the OEM contract is January 1st, 2019. However, both teams are already working hard to start to introduce new sample prep systems during 2018. 

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