Industry News: Solutions for GPC, (U)HPLC & Biochromatography

18 Mar 2014

Tosoh Bioscience will present latest developments in EcoSEC® GPC/SEC systems, TSKgel® (U)HPLC columns, and TOYOPEARL® biopurification media at analytica 2014. Discover new tutorial videos on the chromatography modes applied in antibody purification and analysis.
TSKgel SuperSW and UltraSW mAb (U)HPLC SEC columns are tailored to different aspects of antibody analysis: TSKgel SuperSWmAb HTP enables an easy transfer of methods from conventional SEC to high throughput UHPLC analysis whereas TSKgel SuperSWmAb HR provides superior resolution between fragments, monomers, and aggregates in one run. TSKgel UltraSW Aggregate covers the range of higher molecular weights and provides a good separation of antibody dimers and higher aggregates.

EcoSEC-HT, the new all-in-one high temperature (HT) system for GPC analysis, provides stable thermostatization up to 220° C. Autoinjector, pumps, and a dual-flow RI detector are integrated in a compact design. The optional sample processing unit can process up to 24 samples.

TOYOPEARL AF-rProtein A HC-650F, the new ultra-high capacity Protein A resin, provides maximum capacity and robustness for antibody purification. The alkali stable purification resin achieves 30% to 50% greater antibody adsorption than similar products and can considerably improve process economics. Stop by the Tosoh booth to discuss your antibody purification tasks and apply for a free Protein A test column.

Tosoh Bioscience is offering free entrance tickets. To receive your e-ticket, please send your contact details to with the subject line 'Free analytica entrance ticket'.