Industry News: Seal of Quality Awarded for Synergy Neo2 Hybrid Multi-Mode Reader

06 Dec 2018

BioTek Instruments has been awarded the SelectScience® Bronze Seal of Quality for the Synergy™ Neo2 Hybrid Multi-Mode Reader. The award was presented by SelectScience at a special reception during Neuroscience 2018 in San Diego, California.

The SelectScience Seal of Quality designation is based on strict criteria regarding user product reviews. Synergy Neo2 received reviews such as: “Plate read speed is important in our 1536-well based assays. Our Neo2 reads both fluorescence and luminescence very quickly, yet is versatile for our ELISA assays” and “Indispensable. Simple. Easy. User-Friendly. This product is to me one of the most effective and highly useful analytical equipment covering various areas of research.”

“We’re delighted to know that our Synergy Neo2 is receiving such positive, real-world feedback from scientists all over the world,” noted Gary Barush, Global Director of Marketing and Sales at BioTek Instruments. “This strengthens our resolve to develop robust life science instruments that enable scientists to move their research forward faster.”

Synergy Neo2 is BioTek’s fastest, highest-performing reader for cell-based and biochemical assays. It incorporates up to four PMTs and patented Hybrid Technology™, which combines filter- and monochromator-based detection, for unmatched assay versatility and ultra-fast results.

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