Industry News: PHCbi announces expedited delivery of laboratory products for COVID-19

The rapid delivery program is designed to provide critical laboratory equipment in this time of need

31 Mar 2020

PHC Corporation of North America has announced a rapid delivery program designed to provide critically needed laboratory equipment into facilities working on COVID-19 diagnostics, clinical care, vaccine development and long-term research.

The company has expanded inventory of PHCbi brand products in its North America warehouse ready for expedited shipment with no lead times. The inventory is updated daily and published on the company’s website where products can be shipped to USA destinations on the same or next day.

The order processing program has been streamlined to include participating laboratory equipment distributors and sales representative companies throughout the country. These channels are clearly defined on a website map and easily found with a single click.

High Performance Refrigerators and Biomedical Freezers

These units are specifically engineered and temperature mapped to assure fast recovery after door openings, internal temperature uniformity and stable storage of temperature-sensitive specimens necessary for diagnostic test kits and other processes associated with the COVID-19 response. Typical stored materials include PCR reagents, enzymes, vaccines and others that must be maintained at temperatures accurate to within a degree. Temperatures range from 12°C to -30°C.

Ultra-Low Temperature Storage Freezers

Government and other regulations require that clinical specimens collected from affected patients be preserved for confirmation and long-term research. PHCbi brand -80°C ultra-low temperature freezers are designed to help comply with CDC recommendations and other mandates for storage of viral specimens, extracted RNA and cDNA and other diagnostic outcomes. These freezers are sized for new, replacement or expansion installations where placement in basements and hallways may be necessary.

CO2 and Multigas CO2/O2 Incubators

Clinical testing and research requires contamination-free, accurate, stable temperature and gas control to assure reproducibility required for collaborative diagnostics and research. PHCbi brand CO2 and CO2/O2 incubators are designed for standard and more progressive protocols where replication of in vivo cell culture environments in vitro is necessary.

Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets

Because COVID-19 is classified by the CDC as a BSL-3 pathogen, clinical work associated with diagnostic preparation and management must be performed in an NSF Certified biological safety cabinets under HEPA filtration to protect the lab worker, the environment and to prevent cross-contamination. PHCbi brand cabinets are available in standard 4' and 6' models.

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