Industry News: PerkinElmer Demonstrations of Disruptive ELISA Technology and Innovations in Cellular Imaging and Analysis at ASCB 2008.

27 Nov 2008

At the 48th annual meeting of The American Society for Cell Biology, PerkinElmer Bio-discovery will feature a number of tutorials, workshops and posters on Disruptive ELISA Technology and Innovations in Cellular Imaging and Analysis.

These tutorials will introduce participants to several new or improved platforms to streamline research. Highlighting the AlphaLISA no wash immunoassay platform and Bio-discovery's combined cellular imaging and screening solutions, PerkinElmer experts will demonstrate new methods and technologies to enhance scientific workflows.

Track One:
AlphaLISA - The First No-Wash High Throughput Alternative to ELISA
The recent introduction of AlphaLISA no wash immunoassay kits and the AlphaLISA Toolbox to enable researchers to build their own assays from core components allows scientists to reap the benefits of a next generation ELISA technology, without the drawbacks of multiple wash steps and lack of sensitivity.

Track Two:
Columbus Setting the standard for image data management
The recently launched data management system Columbus has been developed to solve the difficult issues that can arise when managing the large volumes of data produced by High Content Screening. Columbus provides the tools to archive, manage, retrieve and protect images & analyzed results, as well as re-analyse existing data.

Track Three:
Volocity 5 Introducing the latest version of the market leading 3D imaging software solution
Volocity consists of a range of software products developed specifically for 3D cellular imaging. The ability to acquire, visualize and analyze confocal image data in 3D and time resolved-3D provides new and exciting ways for life scientists to explore and understand their samples.

Track Four:
The UltraVIEW VoX 4D, live cell confocal imaging for an advanced view on life
The UltraVIEW VoX offers a complete solution for live cell imaging applications. The system has a wide range of applications and can be upgraded for FRAP and related techniques for a versatile solution to live cell imaging requirements.

PerkinElmer Posters at ASCB:

Rapid Detection of Intracellular Phosphoproteins

Bacteriophage-Expressed Soluble Substrates for Protein Kinases

Homogeneous Quantitation of Histone Acetylation Upon Inhibitor Treatment

Simple Protease Assays Using Whole-Protein Substrates.