Industry News: Nexcelom to Showcase High-Speed Multi-Channel Imaging Cell Cytometer at SLAS 2018

The Celigo system is a high-throughput cellular analysis lab solution designed to be easy to use for scientists conducting bench-top experiments in micro-well plates

25 Jan 2018

Nexcelom Bioscience, a pioneer of automated cell counters, will be showcasing its Celigo platform, the latest system of multi-channel micro-well plate-based image cytometers, at SLAS 2018.

With multiple fluorescent channels and enhanced bright field imaging capabilities, the Celigo platform enables researchers to run high-throughput cellular analysis for multiple applications including cell line development, virology, immune-oncology, cell counting, 3D spheroid and organoid analysis, migration and invasion, iPSC reprograming and fluorescent functional assays. Attendees will be able to see how the Celigo’s modular design allows you to customise the equipment for your laboratory’s needs. With the integration modular systems, specific to your research application need, automated microplate handling for either kinetic end-point analysis or timepoint analysis, as well as, complimenting reagent kits, Celigo can improve your lab’s workflow and increase its capabilities.

“The impact of the new Celigo platform can be best noted in the develop immune-oncology drugs, such as CAR-T, in which it is essential to perform functional assays on multiple cell populations using small amount of effector cells. Since immune cells are in suspension, Celigo’s Proprietary imaging technologies produce high quality whole well images rapidly.  This imaging technology, coupled with sophisticated imaging analysis modules allows for quantification, of not only suspension cells, but also of adherent cells, cell colonies, 3D spheroids and organoids, (even sophisticated 2D 3D combination of tumor micro-environment and immune cell models).   Our customers are quite happy with the versatility that the Celigo platform offers, providing them the ability to look into new areas of research, and answer questions they were not able to before," says Jean Qiu, CSO, Nexcelom Biosciences.

As a developer and marketer of automated cell viability counters and image cytometry workstations, Nexcelom is an educational resource and collaborator for top research hospitals, national laboratories, academic institutes, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies. With a global presence, and diverse scientific expertise, the company “passionately pursues a universal impact in life sciences”.

Visit Nexcelom at booth #318 to find out how Celigo’s modular and automated options can enhance the workflow of cellular analysis in your lab or attend its poster sessions to learn more about the numerous applications that Nexcelom can enable.

Poster presentations:

Real-time kinetic viability and apoptosis detection and screening of 3D multicellular tumor spheroids using the image cytometer – Monday, February 5th, 5pm to 6pm.

A novel image cytometric analysis method for T cell-mediated cytotoxicity of 3D tumor spheroids – Wednesday, February 7th, 11.30am to 12.30pm.