Industry News: Multi-Faceted Tool Allows for Fast and Reliable Task Management

22 Mar 2019

A great deal of time is spent in laboratories every day on repetitive routine task such as preparing standard solutions, controlling syntheses and/or performing manual titrations. With the new Eco Dosimat, much of this time can be saved, as these tasks are performed faster, easier, and much more reliably.

The Eco Dosimat combines a digital buret, an integral magnetic stirrer, a touch sensitive display, and GLP compliant documentation in one compact device. There are many routine tasks, where the Eco Dosimat makes a huge difference, as neither glass burets nor volumetric flasks and/or pipets are needed any more to perform them.

Convenient preparation of standard solutions

Users simply enter the required target concentration and the actual weight of the sample on the touch sensitive display. The Eco Dosimat calculates and dispenses the required solvent volume automatically.

Straightforward dosing of any volume (fixed volume or free dosing) in the µL-range

For dosing fixed volumes, users simply enter the required volume, press «start», and the Dosimat will dose this volume with µL-resolution. Of course, free dosing is also possible with same precision using the instrument’s manual controller.

Manual titrations – so much easier and more reliable

The digital buret of the Eco Dosimat makes a huge difference. For µL-precision and maximum convenience, the dosing rate can be controlled using the instrument’s manual controller. After the titration, the glass cylinder of the Eco Dosimat’s buret is automatically refilled. The exact dosing volume can be read from the instrument’s display and GMP-compliant results can be printed out at the touch of the screen. Frequently used titration methods and calculations can be saved on the instrument for reuse at any time.

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