Industry News: Linkam highlights solutions for characterizing thermal properties of materials at ArabLab 2020

Join Linkam Scientific at the Dubai World Trade Centre on stand 562, 16-18 March

25 Feb 2020

Linkam Scientific is excited to be exhibiting at ArabLab for the first time in 2020, amid a period of global expansion. The company designs and manufactures scientific instruments, electronics and software that can be used in conjunction with optical microscopes and a wide range of analytical techniques including Raman, FTIR, WAX/SAX and other X-ray techniques to enable scientists to analyze and characterize samples. 

With growing R&D and dedicated production hub in Surrey, UK, as well as a specialist R&D operations team in the Netherlands, Linkam has seen significant, organic, growth in the last decade. Over the last year, Linkam has invested in three new machines and two additional buildings at its site in Surrey, gaining an additional 4,500 square feet of floor space to support its current and future growth.

Linkam has established key strategic partnerships with specialist distributors in China, Germany, Japan, Korea and the USA alongside dozens of partners around the world, and the growth in demand for its innovative solutions is fuelling the next phase of global expansion. 

Duncan Stacey, Sales and Marketing Director at Linkam, said: “We are experiencing significant demand for our temperature-controlled sample characterization solutions and feel this is the right time to take a further step into the Middle East & North Africa. These dynamic markets are a hotbed for innovation in science and research and we are looking forward to helping scientists here to solve their challenges with our customized instruments.” 
ht, Linkam will be showcasing, the new MFS (Modular Force Stage) and the Optical DSC450. The MFS is a powerful mechanical characterization stage that combines Linkam’s precision temperature control with a multifunctional tensile testing unit. The MFS can be fitted with a variety of sample tensile, compression or bending grips used to test the tensile properties of samples including biological tissues, polymer films, flexible electronics, and foods such as chewing gum or biscuits. The modular nature means users can add temperature, humidity, electrical connections or atmospheric control modules easily, as well as the choice of a range of force characterization cells from 2N, sensitive enough for single fiber measurements, to 200N, strong enough for metal beams.

The Linkam DSC450 enables the user to measure melting behavior and glass transitions of a wide range of substances whilst providing simultaneous image capture with the optional LINK Digital Imaging module. The image data provides information of color or morphological changes that can be correlated with temperature and phase transitions. The temperature of the DSC450 can be accurately controlled from -150 °C (with the optional LNP96) to +450 °C and the atmosphere of the stage can also be gas purged.  Combining image and thermal analysis data can provide additional insights into the properties of the materials, and TASC (Thermal Analysis by Surface Characterisation) software brings a ground-breaking image analysis technique able to identify phase transitions at the microscale. 

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