Industry News: LGC to develop new Berlin site to expand nucleic acid therapeutics capacity

New facility will allow for the delivery of integrated analytical and manufacturing solutions spanning early discovery to clinical development

18 Nov 2021

LGC has announced a major new expansion, the development of a new site in Berlin for its LGC Axolabs Nucleic Acid Therapeutics (NAT) unit.

The site will be dedicated to medium to large scale and early to late Phase Clinical GMP manufacturing of nucleic acid therapeutics. The operational start date is scheduled for 2024.

Juergen Muller, Commercial and Strategic Development Director, LGC, said, “With this new facility LGC Axolabs expands the services for NAT from early discovery and lead development to clinical development and beyond – an unmatched and unique services portfolio. LGC is a world-leading solutions provider for NAT, with capabilities in GMP oligo manufacture, CMC analytical, and bioanalytical services. This state-of-the-art facility in Berlin will allow us to deliver integrated analytical and manufacturing solutions - spanning lead discovery through to the clinic and beyond – for all of our customers around the world.”

LGC Axolabs has expertise in a wide range of NAT modalities, including antisense oligos, siRNAs, immunostimulatory oligos, aptamers, miRNAs and miRNA antagonists, and guide RNAs for CRISPR applications. As part of the broad LGC group, LGC Axolabs Berlin’s backwards integration allows in-house access to solid supports and reagents/amidites dedicated to oligo production.

With this expansion, LGC’s offering is evolving into a late-stage clinical supply of NAT and will complement its other CMC teams in Kulmbach (Germany), Petaluma (USA), Sandwich (UK), and Fordham (UK).

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