Industry News: Join the SelectScience Virtual Summit on Cancer and Immunology Research 2020 - May 11-13

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07 May 2020

The full exciting schedule has been announced for the inaugural SelectScience® Virtual Summit on Cancer and Immunology Research.

Scientists and scientific manufacturers will come together next week to explore vital topics spanning research areas from COVID-19 and CAR T-cell therapy to CRISPR technology, liquid biopsies, and the microbiome. Taking place online from Monday, May 11, to Wednesday, May 13, the Summit will feature talks by top scientists and technology innovators, video interviews, virtual resource hubs, live Q&As and much more — all completely free of charge.

Drop in and out of the Summit as you please to catch up on the latest research, techniques and technologies in your field and play your part in improving science communication by leaving a lab product review for a chance to win a $400 Amazon Gift Card.

"Great scientific advances come through collaboration and joint effort. Participating in the summit allows us to share our most recent advances in cancer immunotherapy. Interestingly, this event will be attended by more people than a physical meeting would, so it expands the opportunity to meet new researchers and businesses, which will only serve to grow global collaboration.” - Prof. Steve Conlan, Swansea University & Virtual Summit on Cancer and Immunology Research 2020 keynote speaker

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