Industry News: Irvine Scientific to Distribute Falcon IVF Products in the United States

01 Aug 2018

Irvine Scientific, a Fujifilm Company and an industry leader in cell culture media development and manufacturing, has announced a new agreement with Corning Incorporated, which gives Irvine Scientific US distribution rights for Corning’s Falcon® In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) dishes and plates line. 

Irvine Scientific’s core specialty is the development and manufacture of cell culture media, while Corning has unrivaled expertise as a global leader in laboratory consumables and materials science.  “Irvine Scientific has always aimed to deliver the highest quality products for IVF,” said Yutaka, Yamaguchi, President and Chief Executive Officer at Irvine Scientific. “With the Falcon IVF product line as part of our ART portfolio, we will supply both the quality media and the specific plasticware ART professionals require for successful IVF.”

The Falcon IVF line features a range of specialty culture dishes and plates, designed for the sophisticated needs of the IVF market. "Corning has a rich history of delivering innovative plasticware suited for a range of research specialties and applications,” added Dr. Richard Eglen, Vice President and General Manager at Corning Life Sciences. “Our distribution agreement with Irvine Scientific gives us an exciting new channel to the marketplace for our Falcon IVF product line.”

All Falcon IVF plasticware is manufactured from crystalline polystyrene, which is tested for USP Class VI cytotoxicity and is ideal for applications like oocyte preparation, as well as fertilization, culture, and transfer. The line meets applicable United States FDA regulatory compliance, quality assurance, and 510 (K) requirements.

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