Industry News: GOODPIPETTING™ Enables Labs to Maximize the Performance of Pipetting

05 Feb 2018

GoodPipetting.comTM, a Division of Automation Trainer, LLC  has been working to provide innovative solutions, products and training for over 20 years.  They are showcasing their products in partnership with Click Bio, who provide smarter lab ware, at SLAS 2018.

Monday February 5th in the evening from 6:42 pm-7:22 pm come listen to the Automation Trainer LLC pitch at Late Night with LRIG.  Learn about their new Kit products and practices.  On Tuesday, February 6th, come listen to the Reproducibility Study using Good Liquid HandlingTM Products, will be presented by Jason Dickman from Roche, as part of the Automation Quality Control Special Interest Group, Location 14B, 8:00 am-9:15 am.  The Reproducibility Study that engaged Stanford University, University of Berlin, Abcam, Progenity, and Roche will also be presented by Arben Koshi from Abcam and Jason Dickman from Roche at 2:00pm on Tuesday.

To support their customers with data analysis, data tracking, and reporting their GLHTrackerTM (Good Liquid Handling Data Results Tracker) pre-release software will be demonstrated showing their workflow, data analysis, and reporting cloud system that will continue to support labs needing their non-internet based solution. has partnered with StackWave (a prior Innovation AveNEW awardee) to integrate GLHTracker and provide Electronic Notebook, LIMS, and Laboratory Asset Management systems at the events. Automation Trainer has partnered with (the top certified Information Technology Training and Consulting firm) to provide IT and informatics related data management and reporting integration services with SAP, IBM Cognos, IBM Maximo, Microsoft Sql Server Report Services, and Oracle Report Services. has been around pre-dot com winning an award from CNET radio and is the most proficient for the niche. 

Automation Trainer is providing three short courses on Good Liquid Handling, Validation, and Laboratory Asset Management at PITTCON2018. Join the Networking Conferee event hosted at PITTCON2018. The session is focused on discussions about ISO and NIST requirements for Volume Verification, Validation, and Calibration of Automation Liquid Handling and Pipetting Systems. They have several presentations on Essential ISO standards for Liquid Handling and Pipetting and Real-time monitoring of a Process Laboratory Experimentation and Review of Laboratory Asset and Facility Management.  

Come chat with on the Exhibition floor, Win a price in their Good Liquid HandlingTM competition at SLAS booth 1829 Innovation AveNEW or 1505 with ClickBio at SLAS 2018 February 5-6 930am-6pm and the 7th 9am-1pm PST!  They are happy to demonstrate the Kits and answer questions.