Industry News: Eppendorf – Your Expert and Advisor All Around the Laboratory at BIOTECHNICA 2015

04 Sep 2015

Eppendorf AG will be presenting itself at BIOTECHNICA 2015 in two adjacent booths, on a total exhibition area of 260m² focusing on the topic “Take Good Care of Your Cells”. This year’s novel products include the Centrifuge 5920R, the ultra-deep freezer CryoCube F570, the Multipette E3/E3x (an electronic hand dispenser) as well as the BioFlo 320 from the area of Bioprocessing.

Visitors will be invited to join guided tours of the transparent laboratory three times daily (11:00 am, 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm), covering the main topic “Cell Biology”. For almost 70 years, innovative technologies and premium products by Eppendorf have contributed to improving work processes in laboratories and research facilities around the world. The product portfolio includes highly reliable, long-lasting instruments, matching consumables and tailored accessories to make the daily laboratory routine easier and at the same time more efficient and reproducible.

"We have gained a deep understanding of different laboratory workflows through our close and long-established relationship with the scientific community," says Dr. Tanja Musiol, Global Project Leader Workflows, Cell Handling Procedures and PhysioCare at Eppendorf AG. "To share this knowledge and deepen it further at the same time, we engage in a personal and application-oriented dialog with our customers on-site at the BIOTECHNICA 2015 and talk about their requirements regarding processes and the daily routine at the laboratory."

For this purpose, Eppendorf built a glass laboratory at the exhibition and offers guided laboratory tours. During these tours, the application experts explain typical applications and processes in the cell-biological / bioprocess laboratory. Day-to-day tasks are discussed with the customer directly on-site. During personal conversations, application-oriented approaches to gain reliable results are discussed with the experts.

This can mean an optimization of the entire laboratory process or small changes of the daily routine at the laboratory. Our experts give tips to avoid contaminations in the cell culture as well as advice on how to reach a homogeneous and reproducible cell growth. They also present intelligent solutions that reduce the complexity in the daily laboratory work are also presented.

This year, in addition to BIOTECHNICA, a new trade fair - LABVOLUTION - will simultaneously take place in the same exhibition hall. This event features a space which will be dedicated to the subject area smartLAB – the laboratory of the future.  Eppendorf will also participate in this event with presentations and instruments, as well as with a small information area.