Industry News: BrandTech® Scientific Announces New Innovative Vacuum Pumps

17 Feb 2014

BrandTech® Scientific will be exhibiting at Pittcon 2014, and bringing with them several new products to help researchers get their work done efficiently, comfortably, and safely! Be sure to stop by their booth, #3937, to see demonstrations of the newest innovative vacuum pumps, as well as brand new sizes of the dispensers you already use to make dispensing even more convenient!

The new CVC3000 detect combines the market leading CVC3000 vacuum controller, as found on VACUUBRAND’s PC3001 VARIOPRO, and a solenoid valve, to provide advanced two-point control for any stand-alone diaphragm vacuum pump from VACUUBRAND® or competitive units. The new “detect” feature allows the CVC3000 to automatically find the first boiling point with a rotary evaporator. The CVC3000 also allows the preprogramming of up to ten multi-step programs, bi-directional communication via RS232 serial port and too many other features to mention here.

In addition, BrandTech® proudly introduces the newly improved VACUUBRAND® PC3001 VARIOPRO, a totally integrated dry diaphragm vacuum system for rotary evaporation. Featuring upgraded software, and free air capacity improved 20% over the previous version, the PC3001 VARIOPRO can find and follow boiling curves without preprogramming. Vacuum levels are continually optimized for virtually bump-free evaporation up to 30% faster than traditional control, with minimal oversight. A powerful 34 liter per minute (1.2 cfm) free air capacity and 1.5 Torr (2 mbar) ultimate vacuum evaporates high boiling point solvents in even the largest benchtop rotary evaporators. Other control modes include hysteresis-free “single point” control, programmable ramps, and control/validation via RS232. The intuitive CVC3000 vacuum controller features multilingual (choose from 14 languages) operation, digital and analog vacuum display in selectable units, and turn-and-push jogwheel control. Integrated inlet catch-pot and outlet condenser complete this compact system. Ultra-low maintenance with no oil to monitor or change, and no cold trap is required to protect the pump. Typical service interval is well in excess of 10,000 operating hours.

BrandTech® will also have on display the new 0.2-2mL size of BRAND seripettor® and seripettor® pro bottletop dispensers to join the previously available 1-10mL and 2.5-25mL sizes. These durable, yet economical dispensers are a great choice for laboratories that do not need all of the convenience features of a Dispensette®.

BrandTech® Scientific, Inc. of Essex, CT imports a wide variety of laboratory products. Product offering includes pipettes, bottletop dispensers, burettes, pipette controllers, repeating pipettes, vacuum pumps, cuvettes, PCR plastics, plastic labware and lab support jacks.