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Industry News: Analytik Jena Optimizes Throughput with New ICP-MS Models Spotlighting at Pittcon 2019

12 Mar 2019

At this year’s Pittcon in Philadelphia, USA, Analytik Jena is emphasizing its customer focus. The company is presenting several new products that are tailored to the requirements of modern day customers: Two new ICP-MS models – the PlasmaQuant MS Q and Elite S – as well as the multi N/C 2100S pharma as a representative of the new multi N/C pharma series and elemental analyzers will be displayed at trade fair stand 1747. In accompanying presentations, trade fair visitors will also have the opportunity to gain in-depth insights into the new systems.

The PlasmaQuant MS Q is optimized for high-throughput applications, such as the quality control of consumer goods, food inspection, or environmental monitoring. The second new model, the PlasmaQuant MS Elite S, has been developed for routine analysis of ultra-traces and offers an extremely high level of sensitivity. It is especially suitable for industries where analysis depends on the lowest detection limits and the highest recovery rates – such as applications in the semiconductor industry, quality control for high-purity chemicals, or in geochemistry and geochronology.

The new generation of the multi N/C pharma series was expanded by two device models and aligned with the current requirements in TOC cleaning validation testing and vaccine quality control. All systems are equipped with the new FDA-compliant software that satisfies the data integrity requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The multi N/C 2100S pharma specializes in the quality control of aqueous protein solutions using the measurement of total nitrogen. By contrast, the sister model multi N/C 3100 pharma is a fully automated high-throughput analyzer, which primarily performs TOC cleaning validation and determination of organic extractables from plastic packaging materials for pharmaceutical use.

In elemental analysis, the determination of trace chlorine by microcoulometry plays an important role in the downstream oil and gas industry and for petro applications due to its carcinogenic and corrosive effects. Long analysis times, matrix effects and complex detector preparation and maintenance make routine analysis a real challenge. An innovative new titration system brings great relief. It combines extremely robust hardware, high sensitivity, fast readiness for operation and a minimum preparation and maintenance effort. Thus, allows safe and unattended operation, even in 24/7 operation ensuring the sample throughput customers desire. In addition, Analytik Jena is offering a wide portfolio of elemental analyzer for sulfur, nitrogen and carbon analysis in solids, liquids and gases.

Analytik Jena’s accompanying presentations provide visitors with deeper insight into the capabilities of the systems and their advantages in various applications. The topics of the presentations range from the high-throughput analysis of drinking water with ICP-MS to the detection of chlorine in corrosive and carcinogenic compounds in a wide variety of sample matrices by means of elemental analysis.