Industry News: Analytik Jena Donates Analytical Measuring Technology to a Ukrainian University in Need

03 Jul 2015

Analytik Jena AG is supporting science education in the crisis-ridden country of Ukraine. Donetsk National University, which recently had to leave its conflict-torn home to move to the western Ukrainian town of Vinnytsia, is now receiving a large donation of equipment from Jena.

In the words of Torsten Olschewski, General Manager of the Analytical Instrumentation business unit at Analytik Jena AG: “Due to the difficult circumstances, the University is lacking technical equipment in all of its fields of endeavor, including analytical measuring technology used in research and for the training of students and scientists. We are glad that we were able to deliver the equipment to Ukraine. It is sorely needed there.”

Oleksandr Vypirailenko of MixLab, a Ukrainian distribution partner, delivered the equipment and expressed his sentiments as well: “I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for Analytik Jena’s donation. The students of Donetsk University’s Chemical Faculty will have the equipment they need for their scientific and professional training. This is a small step along the very long path of our country’s development. I am extremely thankful for this.”

In total, Analytik Jena provided 10 SPEKOL and SPECORD spectrophotometers, which will be used for purity control and material analysis, along with a Vario 6 atomic absorption spectrometer for element trace analysis.