Industry News: Addressing Challenges in Cancer Research with Single-Cell Genomics at AACR 2018

Attend Miltenyi Biotec’s symposium to learn how researchers are tackling tumor heterogeneity with single-cell-analysis

05 Apr 2018

At AACR 2018, Miltenyi Biotec will host a Spotlight Symposium on Monday, April 16, from 3 – 4PM, where expert speakers will explore new methods in single-cell analysis to understand tumor heterogeneity and identify complex cellular interrelationships.

Miltenyi Biotec is a global biotechnology company driven to progress biomedical and clinical research through its sophisticated portfolio of MACS® cell separation technology solutions. These include instruments for cell culture, cell separation and cellular and molecular analysis, as well cutting-edge GMP tools for clinical cell therapy. At the AACR meeting in Chicago, Illinois, you can visit Miltenyi Biotec, booth 881, to discover how its tools are accelerating research from bench to bedside.

This fascinating presentation on single-cell genomics in cancer research, held at the product theatre, will delve into the work of Dr. Kai Kessenbrock Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Biological Chemistry at the University of California. Kessenbrock will discuss his group’s efforts in delineating tumor microenvironmental changes that occur during BRCA1-driven breast cancer initiation, using RNA sequencing methods at the single-cell level.

During the symposium, Miltenyi will also announce the winners of its esteemed ‘Immuno-Oncology Innovation Award’, which honors researchers for their outstanding contribution to the field.

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