Industry News: 5-minute purification transforms DNA extraction times

01 Feb 2024


LGC Biosearch Technologies™ has launched a nucleic acid extraction method, sbeadex™ Lightning. This product rapidly delivers high-purity DNA in high-yields, typically achieving results in five minutes – from lysate to eluate – for both plant and animal samples.

This magnetic bead technology significantly reduces the extraction workflow from a 5-step process to a simple 3-step method of bind, wash and elute. This advancement will enable laboratories to save up to 40 minutes per sample and increase sample throughput by as much as ten times compared to competitors.

With fewer protocol steps and more environmentally friendly chemistry, customers can expect a positive impact on their ecological and carbon footprints with a reduction in plastic consumption, hazardous waste, and packaging, as well as delivering cost savings on energy and shipping.

Dr Heiko Hauser, Head of Research & Development, Nucleic Acid Purification at LGC Biosearch Technologies and inventor of sbeadex Lightning said, “Over the last two years, our dedicated efforts have focused on accelerating the process of high-purity, high-yield DNA purification, addressing a critical bottleneck for our customers, particularly when using NGS downstream assays. This advancement holds immense value for a diverse user base ranging from ultra-high-throughput applications to single sample purification and extends to those developing products for future point-of-need testing. It not only significantly streamlines the purification protocol but also reduces the environmental footprint of magnetic bead-based DNA purifications.”

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