Expert Insight: HPLC and UHPLC reversed-phase method development - Selecting a reproducible starting point

Join us on Friday, October 30, to learn about choosing a reproducible starting point for chromatographic method development

23 Oct 2020

Dr. Phil Koerner, Phenomenex
Dr. Phil Koerner, Market Development Manager, Phenomenex

In this SelectScience webinar, we focus on reversed-phase chromatography and best practices for selecting a reproducible starting point for your initial method development.

Dr. Phil Koerner, from Phenomenex, will present tips to help you leverage HPLC and UHPLC column particle morphologies to improve or optimize a specific aspect of your separations. Koerner will also discuss separation tradeoffs such as maximizing the relative speed of analysis of your method, versus the need for increased selectivity or compound retention.

Ways for improving your method's reproducibility through robust method development and techniques to ensure the reproducibility through the lifecycle of the method will also be covered.


Key learning objectives:

  • Method development optimization for reversed-phase chromatography
  • Impact on chromatographic reproducibility
  • Selectivity and particle morphologies considerations

Who should attend:

  • HPLC/UHPLC-focused method developers
  • Analytical development groups

The live webinar takes place on Friday, October 30, at:

  • 16:00 GMT
  • 17:00 CET
  • 12:00 EST
  • 09:00 PST

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