Expert Insight: How to select the best UPLC system for your needs

Watch this webinar to find out which autosampler and injector are the best fit for your UPLC application

04 Nov 2019

A liquid chromatography system, including the injector or autosampler, may often be chosen based on availability, history or personal preference. While many methods are not significantly impacted by the autosampler, some workflows or applications benefit from either of the two different types of injectors: the flow-through-needle or the fixed loop design.

Dr. Paula Hong, Principal Consulting Scientist (left), and Jennifer Simeone, Principal Scientist, Waters Corporation

In this webinar, Dr. Paula Hong and Jennifer Simeone will review how each of these autosamplers aliquot and deliver the sample and discuss their similarities and differences. They will also cover design features — including the manner of needle washing and injection modes — strategies to transfer across autosamplers, as well as workflows that have specific requirements for the autosampler, such as a high-throughput application or one with problematic carryover.

This discussion will be followed by a live Q&A session and provide the attendee with a better understanding of the physical characteristics of autosamplers and best practices to ensure precise, accurate quantitation.


Key learning objectives:
•    Learn the key differences between flow-through-needle and fixed loop autosamplers.
•    Understand which workflows might benefit from each autosampler.
•    Learn how to select an LC system based on your application needs.

Attend this live webinar on November 13, 2019, at:
•    16:00 GMT  
•    11:00 EST  
•    08:00 PST 
•    17:00 CET

Who should attend?
•    Scientists who want to understand LC autosampler characteristics.
•    Anyone who is selecting an LC system for a specific application.
•    Scientists who need to perform method transfer across different LC systems and may be having quantitation challenges.

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