Expert Insight: How to maximize efficiency & accuracy in your lab workflows: Your questions answered

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24 Jun 2021

Sebastian Weber and Eszter Paldy
Sebastian Weber and Eszter Paldy, Sartorius 

Technological advancements have enabled scientists around the globe to prepare samples with more precision and accuracy than ever before.

In this on-demand SelectScience webinar, Eszter Paldy and Sebastian Weber, from Sartorius, demonstrate how new technology can facilitate automated testing of multichannel pipettes, delivering simultaneous pipetting with up to 12 channels, and so saving time while producing reliable results. They also discuss tabletop automated solutions for mass determination and dissemination processes, optimized for overnight and weekend sample processing.

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Q: What functions does the software for the tabletop mass comparator cover?

EP: The software which comes with the tabletop system is called CCR Client Software. The main functions cover controlling the robot and its safety functions. You can configure the magazine positions and once the configuration is done, it executes and monitors the programs, whatever the configuration. It also generates test reports and provides connectivity to ScalesNet. Additional functions include sending email notifications when the measurement is finished as well as notifications or alerts if there are any problems during measurement. You can also trigger an emergency stop with the software. It also offers remote diagnostics by the service factory.

Q: Can the tabletop CCR robot calibrate 100 grams or one-kilogram weights?

EP: It can calibrate weights of up to 10 grams. Currently, we don't have a tabletop system for 100 grams and one kilogram in our portfolio, but we are getting frequent questions about this and the tabletop system was designed in a way where it is possible to adjust this tabletop footprint in order to take 100 grams or one-kilogram weight as well. If you have such a request, please contact us directly and we will find a solution for you.

Q: What are the other advantages of the dual robotic arm other than efficiency?

EP: The dual robotic arm is able to take the reference weight and the test weight at the same time. The dual arm system was developed for easy and fast transportation of the weights. It can handle the reference and test weight for mass determination, and it is also able to hold the reference weight and combination of four weights for mass dissemination. In this way, not only the most efficient motion sequence is guaranteed, but the accuracy of the measurement process is increased. 

Q: What environmental data can be logged with the climate tower?

SW: With the climate tower, you can log temperature, humidity and the barometric pressure of the laboratory equipment. Limits can also be set for these measured values so that you only work within a defined environment. Limits can also be set for these measured values so that you only work within a defined environment. Exceeding the limits is indicated on the balance and measured values can be marked as invalid. It is also possible to use this data on printouts and transfer it to your calibration software to document it.

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