Expert Insight: Webinar Highlights: Obtaining Ultimate Efficiency and Maximizing Selectivity with CORTECS Solid-Core Columns

10 Nov 2016

Solid-core columns can be used to maximize your laboratory throughput
Bonnie A. Alden
Senior Research Scientist, Waters Corporation

In this webinar, Bonnie A. Alden, senior research scientist at Waters Corporation discussed how solid-core columns deliver increased efficiencies over fully-porous particles of a similar size. The webinar also details how you can select the best column for your work, and can maximize laboratory throughput using solid-core columns. 

 Read on for highlights from the Q&A session of the webinar, and if you missed it, watch the webinar on-demand


Q: What are the pH limitations on the solid-core columns? 

A: The limitations are pH 2-8, the same as any silica column.  If you are using the column at elevated temperatures >45 deg C (recommended temp. max) lifetime will be decreased at elevated pH.

Q: Should I be concerned about operating at high pressures?

A: No – CORTECS Columns are based on a rugged solid-core particle, where the superficially porous shell is fused to the solid silica core.  The 1.6 µm is designed to be run on UPLC systems which operate up to 15-18,000 psi. The 2.7 µm CORTECS is designed to operate on UHPLC/HPLC systems that have a pressure limit of ~10,000 psi.

Q:  Can the 2.7 μm columns be used on HPLC systems?

A: Yes.  2.7 μm columns are the new standard in highly efficient HPLC columns, it will work fine on all standard HPLC systems. 

Q: How much pressure do the 2.7 μm columns generate?

A: Hard to say, as the back pressure of the column depends on your mobile phase viscosity, temperature, flow rate, and which column dimension is being used.  You also have to factor in the system pressure, for the complete pressure profile.


Miss the live webinar? Watch the full webinar on demand here.


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