Expert Insight: Ensuring data quality and addressing chromatographic challenges in routine pharmaceutical analysis: Tools for success

Explore current trends in regulatory observations referencing chromatography analyses in this upcoming webinar

14 Jul 2020

Heather Longden, Senior Marketing Manager, Pharmaceutical Intelligence at Waters Corporation and Dr. Paula Hong, Principal Consulting Scientist at Waters Corporation

Data quality and data integrity are critical in key decisions supporting the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products. Regulatory observations in pharmaceutical laboratories routinely cite concerns regarding the suitability of analytical methods, particularly chromatographic methods that require analysts to intervene, adjust or repeat testing. 

Inspired by a suite of new ICH guidelines, chromatographers are now managing methods using a lifecycle approach to improve the consistency, ruggedness and quality of separations to enable right-first-time analyses. Development and deployment of these analytical methods to modern, routine-use HPLC platforms mitigates the risk of invalidated data, continually adjusted or manual peak integration, and system suitability failures.

Join webinar hosts Dr. Paula Hong, Principal Consulting Scientist and Heather Longden, Senior Marketing Manager, Pharmaceutical Intelligence at Waters Corporation, as they examine key challenges faced in the routine analysis laboratory and demonstrate method transfer to the new Waters Arc HPLC System. The Arc HPLC is designed to receive transferred methods seamlessly and run existing HPLC methods with improved robustness and precision over traditional HPLCs, avoiding system suitability failures and the invalidation of results. The Arc family of LC systems, when paired with appropriate column technology and gold standard, compliant-ready Empower Software, combine to offer robust performance in routine analysis, facilitating data review, eliminating burdensome quality or compliance documentation, and improving the overall quality of laboratory data.

Key learning objectives:

  • Current trends in regulatory observations referencing chromatography analyses
  • How analytical method performance can be a root cause of data integrity concerns
  • How new ICH guidelines will influence how chromatographic methods are developed and documented, resulting in more stringent system suitability and reproducibility requirements
  • How improvements in the performance and ruggedness of HPLC instruments can improve data quality

Who should attend?

Pharmaceutical directors, managers and analysts who wish to ensure data quality in the QC/routine analysis laboratory

There will be two sessions of this webinar taking place on Wednesday, July 22, at:

Session one:

  • 16:00 BST
  • 17:00 CEST
  • 08:00 PDT
  • 11:00 EDT

Session two:

  • 18:00 PDT
  • 21:00 EDT

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