Expert Insight: Cedars-Sinai experts discuss automated metabolite extraction from plasma

Watch this webinar with Prof. Jennifer Van Eyk to find out how to automate metabolite isolation from plasma, minimizing post-sampling variability and allowing for downstream LC-MS/MS analysis

08 Nov 2019

Metabolites in blood exist in a state of dynamic equilibrium, making efficient sample processing and handling after blood sampling key to biologically relevant analyses. 

Sebastian Weber

Left, Weston Spivia. Right, Prof. Jennifer Van Eyk

In this webinar, we discuss a method for evaluating room temperature quenching, lipid removal and metabolite isolation from plasma samples and how this protocol can be automated using the Agilent Bravo Metabolomics Sample Prep Platform.

Prof. Jennifer Van Eyk, Erika J. Glaer Chair in Women's Heart Health and Director, Advanced Clinical Biosystems Research Institute, and Weston Spivia, Research Associate III, Advanced Clinical Biosystems Research Institute, Cedars-Sinai, will share their work and discuss the benefits of this method, including its ability to minimize post-sampling variability and its compatibility with downstream LC-MS/MS analysis of metabolites.



What you will take away:

  • Why efficient sample processing and handling after blood sampling is key to biologically relevant analyses
  • A method for plasma protein precipitation and subsequent metabolite extraction using the Bravo automated workstation can minimize post-sampling variability
  • How the automated plasma processing and metabolite extraction is compatible with downstream LC-MS/MS analysis of metabolites

Attend the live webinar on Wednesday, November 20, at:

  • 16:00 GMT 
  • 11:00 EST 
  • 08:00 PST 
  • 17:00 CET

Who should attend?

Researchers involved in extracting and isolating metabolites from large numbers of plasma samples.

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