Expert Insight: Avoid titration mistakes through best practice sensor handling

Don’t miss this webinar to find out how to monitor and maintain the function of your instruments to increase the quality of your titration

07 Nov 2019

Have you ever wondered how the quality of your sensor can influence your titration results?

Sebastian Weber
Webinar presenter Sabrina Gschwind, from Metrohm AG 

In this upcoming webinar, Dr. Sabrina Gschwind, sensors product manager at Metrohm, will detail proper sensor maintenance and how you can check and monitor the performance of your unit. In addition, you will receive tips and tricks to increase the quality of your titration results and thus avoid wasting time on tedious root cause analysis and instrument downtime due to sensor failure.



In this webinar, you will discover:

•    Which component of a sensor has which function
•    How to clean, maintain, and store the most commonly used titration sensors
•    How the sensor can influence your titration results
•    The know-how to overcome the most common titration errors

Attend the live webinar on Thursday, November 21, at:

•    15:00 GMT 
•    10:00 EST 
•    07:00 PST 
•    16:00 CET

Who should attend?

Everybody involved in performing potentiometric or photometric titrations and who wishes to gain more in-depth knowledge about which sensors to use, sensor maintenance, storage, as well as tips and tricks for best titration results.

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