SLAS 2019 Americas Sample Management Symposium


Register now to attend the SLAS 2019 Americas Sample Management Symposium, November 13-14, 2019, in Boston, MA. With a program curated by practicing sample management experts, this event will impart the latest education, case studies and best practice in sample management, with a focus on drug discovery processes.

Prevalent trends that will be addressed at the Symposium include:

  • The rules of sample storage and management of samples are being rewritten — biological compounds and samples require the same attention and care previously paid only to small molecule libraries.
  • Sample management groups increasingly support a growing array of human disease relevant assays and models.
  • Quality programs and regulatory awareness are necessary when handling and providing samples in support of clinical studies and regulated bioanalysis.
  • Ever-growing collaboration between academic, government and commercial institutions is forcing an increased emphasis on best practices for sharing samples. Learn how your organization should navigate this changing landscape.

Benefits of Attending this Symposium:

  • Network with sample management experts from Academic, Biotech, Pharma and Vendor communities.
  • Opportunity to crowd source solutions to key challenges.
  • Learn how to adapt best practice to different sample types.
  • Benchmark your operation to those that are most effective and innovative.
  • Understand how organizations are harnessing new technology and innovation.
  • Discuss upcoming key challenges in the regulatory, quality and compliance fields.
  • See examples of how people build successful collaborations and harness external resources.
  • Showcase emerging key talent by presenting your team's work in a poster presentation

Boston Marriott Copley Place
110 Huntington Avenue

Organizer: SLAS

20 Nov 2019

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