SLAS 2019 AI in Process Automation Symposium


Save the date to attend the new SLAS 2019 AI in Process Automation Symposium, October 3-4, 2019, in Boston, MA, USA.

Lack of knowledge has been the number one barrier to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the life sciences community. This two-day symposium aims to change that by addressing recent developments in machine learning (ML) and AI, especially as it impacts drug discovery processes. As machine learning may eventually reduce or even replace the need for more and more specific lab-based analytical or assay technologies, it’s important to understand the potential of AI and stay ahead of the curve.

As an attendee you will:

  • Improve your overall understanding of AI and its potential
  • Learn about the technologies, tools and potential costs of implementation
  • Meet and learn directly from the companies who develop AI technologies and tools
  • Learn from institutions who have already put AI in place – find out how to set expectations, avoid pitfalls and manage a successful integration
  • Learn which innovative technologies could transform your drug discovery practices
  • Understand and address the challenges of data and information management
  • See examples of successful collaboration with external and internal partners

Exhibit and sponsorship opportunities will be available to companies who want to get in front of a multi-disciplinary community interested in expanding their knowledge and use of AI and ML.

Courtyard by Marriott Boston Downtown
275 Tremont St. Boston, MA, USA

Organizer: SLAS

3 Oct 2019

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