PREDiCT: Tumor Models San Francisco Summit 2020


The 4th Annual PREDiCT: Tumor Models San Francisco Summit 2020 will continue to serve the immuno-oncology scientific community, helping them to gain a better understanding of candidate and preclinical profiling through a robust selection of models and use of cutting-edge technologies. Explore the opportunities and limitations of syngenic and PDX mouse models, the potential of 3D models and gain a comprehensive understanding of novel technologies and imaging techniques that are changing the preclinical and translational field

Specific topics being highlighted are: 

  • Addressing the Demand for Clinically Relevant Mouse Models for Immunotherapy
  • Recapitulating the Immunological Complexity of the Tumor In Vivo Models
  • Enhancing Preclinical Testing & Improve Translatability of IO Therapeutics with Novel Technologies
  • Enhancing the Translational Confidence of T Cell–Redirection Strategies
  • 3D Oncology Modelling & its Applications in IO
  • Modeling Strategies to Enhance the Translational Confidence of Immunotherapy Combinations

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The Marker Hotel
501 Geary Street San Francisco CA 94102

Organizer: Hanson Wade

22 Jan 2020

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