Editorial Article: The tech used by cell and gene therapy scientists

Find out which lab products scientists are using to advance the field and what their experiences have been

27 Mar 2024

Insights into lab equipment and services other scientists are using can be invaluable. The independent reviews on SelectScience® are there to help guide and support your own research and give you a platform to share your expert opinions.

In our Accelerating Science Cell and Gene Therapy Feature, we are exploring some of the latest developments within the field. Here, we highlight top reviews from our community on the key technology and techniques that are relevant to your workflows. From gene editing to manufacturing, discover what applications researchers use these products for and the benefits they have encountered.

NucleoCounter® NC-200™ automated cell counter by ChemoMetec

Application area: Cell therapy products (manufacture and quality control).

Reviewer: Andreas Mitsch, Leibniz-Institut für Immuntherapie.

“We replaced our manual cell counting procedure by NC-200 for in-process and final product controls of ATMP manufacture. High increase in reproducibility and reduction of analysis time greatly supported optimization of cell therapy manufacturing process.”

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NovoCyte Flow Cytometer
by Agilent Technologies

Application area: Immunoassays.

Reviewer: Lei Zhang, CytoImmune Therapeutics

“As an R&D scientist in the cell therapy field, I need to perform vast amounts of immunoassays. The NovoCyte Benchtop Flow Cytometer from Agilent Technologies is a lifesaver with high-throughput and reliable reproducibility! In addition to the very user-friendly equipment application, I am always impressed by their Craftsman’s SPIRIT and pre/post services!”

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Clonal Genes by TWIST Bioscience

Application area: Cloning complex cell therapy constructs for transduction.

Reviewer: Andrew Lezia, Port Therapeutics

"Twist is the fastest and cheapest DNA synthesis service I’ve used. In addition to their excellent product, they have really good customer support. Their website has an instant messaging portal where you can very quickly speak to a real person within minutes. This helped me when there was a shipping delay for my order. Overall, I give twist my highest seal of approval."

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SeqStudio™ Flex Genetic Analyzers
by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Application area: Sanger Sequencing.

Reviewer: Sanny Khurdia, Concordia University

“We never imagined that bringing Sanger sequencing in-house would simplify our research workflow – and we are saving more than half our costs per run! If you can afford the initial capital expense – this instrument is very much worth it.”

"This has revolutionized our lab."

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ZR DNA Sequencing Clean-up Kit™
by Zymo Research

Application area: DNA clean-up before Sanger sequencing.

Reviewer: Brett Sansbury, Gene Editing Institute

“This product was a game changer for our sequencing workflow, it reduced the time needed for DNA clean-up prior to Sanger sequencing by 40 minutes, increased the sequencing quality and the reusable format drastically reduces the cost per clean-up.”

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MiSeq Personal Sequencer 
by Illumina

Application area: Targeted genomic sequencing to study clonal dynamics in cancers.

Reviewer: Damian Yap, University of British Columbia

"We were able to very quickly set up and run a targeted sequencing pipeline to study the clonal dynamics of many human tumors and their models (patient-derived xenografts) in vivo."

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