Editorial Article: The 2022 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo: Clinical laboratory news round-up

Discover the latest clinical laboratory science hot topics and trends from the 2022 AACC meeting

02 Sep 2022

The 2022 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo was held in Chicago
Blog post written by Sonia Nicholas, Editor at SelectScience


At the end of July 2022, laboratory professionals and clinicians from all around the world gathered in Chicago for the 2022 American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo. This event marked a significant return to in-person clinical events after a turbulent few years during the COVID pandemic. SelectScience® attended the event and this article is a summary of the clinical laboratory news highlights from the show.  

A key event in the clinical laboratory calendar

SelectScience® has a large, global community of clinical laboratory scientists and healthcare professionals who visit the website regularly to find out about the very latest technology being used in medical science. The SelectScience editorial team attended the conference as official media partners of the 2022 AACC event, gathering technology highlights from the Expo show floor, attending talks and presentations to learn about the latest hot topics and trends in the industry, and recording video interviews with experts in the field of clinical laboratory science. These interviews are available on the dedicated SelectScience 2022 AACC News Page. There was a real buzz during the entire event, with fascinating talks from leaders in the field on topics from point-of-care testing to the latest laboratory-developed testing advances.

Some key themes emerged during the conference but the one that seemed to resonate most strongly this year was about how laboratory staff need to really reconnect with the patient care pathway. Key to this is understanding how laboratory services directly impact on patient care. So, an important message from the meeting this year is that from technicians to lab managers, we must all work hard to retain this connection and involvement with the patient care loop. This connection is more important than ever as we move into the post-pandemic era in the clinical laboratory. Learn more about the topics leading experts were talking about at the 2022 AACC event by watching the exclusive video interviews below. 

AACC President delivers key message from 2022 AACC

Dr. Stephen Master delivers key message from 2022 AACC

Dr. Stephen Master, Chief of the Division of Laboratory Medicine, and Director of the Metabolic Lab at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, spoke to SelectScience to discuss the achievements of the AACC during his year as president. As well as highlighting the work the AACC has carried out on promoting the value of laboratory medicine, Dr. Master also discussed the importance of effective communication between clinical laboratory professionals and their clinical colleagues to provide the highest quality healthcare to patients.

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The importance of building trust in healthcare

Dr. Thomas Lee discusses the importance of building trust between lab staff, healthcare professionals and patients

Dr. Thomas Lee, Chief Medical Officer, Press Ganey Associates, LLC, spoke to SelectScience to explain the highlights of his plenary speech during the conference, on building trust in healthcare. During his talk, Lee explains the absolute importance for laboratory professionals to build trust with other healthcare providers and patients. Watch this video to listen to a summary of the talk and discover a practical 3-point plan for clinical laboratory staff to help reduce anxiety and mistrust that may be felt by patients and the wider community.

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Clinical laboratory news: Technology highlights

SelectScience also spoke to manufacturers on the Expo show floor to learn more about their latest products and news.   Peter Soltani, Beckman Coulter Diagnostics, and Itai Hayut, Scopio Labs, spoke of their exciting new partnership enabling them to bring an innovative digital morphology solution to hematology labs. The partnership will bring a new AI-powered workflow solution to laboratories that enables full-field scanning of digital morphology slides. 

Peter Soltani and Itai Hayut discuss their new partnership in digital morphology

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The team at Fapon Biotech showcased the Shine i1000 analyzer at the show and explained how the company’s years of experience in the IVD industry has helped them to deliver a compact immunoassay analyzer to clinical laboratories.

Joe Mann Fapon Biotech
Joe Mann, Fapon Biotech introduces the Shine i1000 analyzer

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Advanced Instruments displayed its OsmoPRO® MAX automated osmometer. Watch the video interview to see Julie MacKenzie describe how this hard-working osmometer was developed in close collaboration with their customers to really help busy laboratories meet modern challenges.

Julie MacKenzie presents the OsmoPRO MAX
Julie MacKenzie presents the OsmoPRO MAX

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EKF Diagnostics presented a new era of diabetes management, with its Lucica® Glycated Albumin-L test, manufactured by Asahi Kasei Pharma Corporation. Shane O’Neill from EKF Diagnostics describes the uses and benefits of this glycated albumin test to physicians for the intermediate-term monitoring of patients with diabetes.

Shane O'Neill discusses the Lucica Glycated Albumin-L test
Shane O'Neill discusses the Lucica Glycated Albumin-L test

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For more clinical laboratory news from the 2022 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo, visit our dedicated 2022 AACC News page.