Special Feature: Stem cell research – Expert insights into the new frontier of modern medicine

Keep up to date with the latest techniques and technologies and techniques driving stem cell research into 2023

05 Dec 2022

Stem cells have the incredible potential to differentiate and proliferate into various different cell types, and research into these cells is one of the most innovative fields in modern science, offering insights to advance our understanding and treatment of diseases.

In this new SelectScience® special feature, we present the latest learnings and developments in stem cell research, including free resources for download and technology recommendations from scientists in the field. 

Read on to learn more about the potential of mesenchymal stem cells, hear from an expert panel, find out how to elevate your stem cell workflows, and much more.

CELL SEEDING: Elevate your single-cell cloning workflows

The Solentim VIPS™ PRO from Advanced Instruments is designed to deliver proof, not probability, in monoclonality. Superior imaging capabilities and artificial intelligence-driven cell recognition ensure precise detection of iPSC cells.

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MESENCHYMAL STEM CELLS: The up-and-coming stars of cell therapy

Download this free resource from PromoCell to find out why you need to optimize your manufacturing processes to successfully produce commercial-scale quantities of mesenchymal stem cells for regenerative medicine approaches.

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Plus, download this free guide to receive an overview of the role of MSCs in oncology by highlighting how they communicate, their role in the tumor microenvironment and cancer stem cells, and how they can be harnessed for cell and gene therapy to treat cancer.

EXPERT PANEL: Stem cells in modern medicine

Watch this on-demand panel discussion, moderated by Eppendorf, to gain expert insight into the current and future opportunities for stem cells in clinical applications, from 3D expansion models to different forms of therapies.

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CRYOPRESERVATION: Liquid nitrogen and cryogen free freezer

The CRF-1 by Grant Instruments brings accuracy, precision, and reproducibility to cryopreservation. Developed to minimize and reduce the risk of contamination, it is ideal for use in research with embryos, stem cells, spermatozoa, and more.

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CELL & GENE THERAPY: A new frontier in personalized medicine

In this extensive resource, explore the different approaches available for safe and effective delivery of cell and gene therapies into target cells, and discover LC-MS technology to support your development workflows.

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Plus, explore some of our recent expert-led webinars in the field of cell and gene therapy – all free to watch on demand now>> 

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