Editorial Article: SelectScience announces new CEO and investment partner Vespa Capital

SelectScience Limited is delighted to announce two major developments as it steps up its mission to make the world healthier

02 Feb 2021

SelectScience announce new CEO
Kerry Parker, the new CEO of SelectScience

SelectScience Limited is delighted to announce two major developments as it steps up its mission to make the world healthier.

For over two decades, SelectScience has been providing vital and trusted information to scientists globally through rich content and impartial reviews.

Today, building on a period of exceptional success, the company announces Kerry Parker as its new CEO and Vespa Capital as new investment partners.

SelectScience Founders Arif Butt and Louise Butt said: “We are delighted to announce this important news. Kerry Parker has already been leading the impressive growth alongside our management team, and, partnering with the impressive private equity company Vespa Capital, we are excited to see immense further growth of the company. In retiring our current positions, we are pleased to continue to support SelectScience’s success as shareholders and ambassadors.”

SelectScience was founded in 1998, with a vision to introduce peer-to-peer and digital marketing services into the scientific industry. The business has subsequently established an enviable market position, serving quality leading digital marketing solutions to the industry, including the top 10 manufacturers of scientific laboratory equipment. In addition, SelectScience has developed an extensive and expanding audience of engaged and loyal members, who are attracted to the company’s engaging digital content such as online product reviews, The Scientists’ Channel, virtual events and webinars, and more. 

Vespa Captial joins SelectScience as new investors
Vespa Capital is SelectScience's new investment partner

“I am delighted to be working alongside our management team and Vespa Capital partners in order to amplify our plans, whilst continuing with our overarching mission to make the world a healthier place. This news follows a tremendous 24 months of growth which has seen 150% increase in our scientific audience reach, 280% more virtual event and webinar engagement, as well as a 140% increase in manufacturer content marketing,” said Kerry Parker, who moves into the new role from her previous position as Publisher and Editor-in-Chief.

Matt Lyons, Partner at Vespa Capital, said: “We’re delighted to join SelectScience as investment partners and are excited by the opportunity to work with Kerry and the team as they continue to build a world-class digital publishing platform servicing an attractive and niche customer group. The Vespa Capital portfolio already includes businesses in the pharmaceutical, digital and product reviews industries, including those supporting the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The SelectScience team, with Founders Arif and Louise Butt pictured centre

For further information, contact Bede MacGowan, Managing Online Editor, at bede.macgowan@selectscience.net