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19 Mar 2024

Explore the full exciting schedule for the SelectScience® Analytical Science Summit, taking place today.

Celebrating its fourth year, the 2024 virtual Summit will cover pertinent topics such as sustainability and environmental monitoring, PFAS analysis, advancements in mass spectrometry, and much more. This free-to-attend online interactive forum gives scientists and manufacturers the opportunity to connect, showcase research, and share technology solutions.

The Summit will host talks by world-leading scientists, offering live Q&As, video interviews, interactive resource booths, and unique networking opportunities. Attendees will also be able to view academic posters submitted by our global scientific community, leave comments, ask questions, and prompt collaboration through 1-on-1 chat facilities.

Our agenda

Tuesday, March 19

Times in bold are shown as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). 


Opening address & Poster session

 12:15 (CET) 
 07:15 (ET)
 04:15 (PT)

Maximizing information recovery with LC-IM-MS in DMPK and omics studies
Prof. Ian Wilson, Imperial College London
 13:00 (CET) 
 08:00 (ET)
 05:00 (PT)

Greener nanocatalyst for the detection and degradation of "forever chemicals" PFAS
Dr. Omowunmi 'Wunmi' Sadik, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Science at the New Jersey Institute of Technology
 13:45 (CET) 
 08:45 (ET)
 05:45 (PT) 

Accelerating phenotyping with structural mass spectrometry in drug discovery and synthetic biology
Prof. John McLean, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Vanderbilt University
 14:30 (CET) 
 09:30 (ET)
 06:30 (PT)

Synthesis of single crystal diamond substrates by microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition method
Dr. Abhay Dasadia, Assistant Professor, A.D. Patel Institute of Technology, CVM University
 15:15 (CET) 
 10:15 (ET)
 07:15 (PT)

Harmonizing science and sustainability: The pivotal role of green chemistry in mass spectroscopy
Prof. Shivani N Jani, Assistant Professor, Smt S. M. Shah Pharmacy College
 16:00 (CET) 
 11:00 (ET)
 08:00 (PT)

GC/Q-TOF accurate mass library and library management tools for metabolomics and beyond
Dr. Sofia Nieto, GC/MS Applications Chemist, Agilent Technologies, Inc.
 16:45 (CET) 
 11:45 (ET)
 08:45 (PT)

Optimer beacons as novel analytical solutions for small molecule targets
Dr. Tom Ward, Senior Assay Development Scientist, Aptamer Group
 17:30 (CET) 
 12:30 (ET)
 09:30 (PT)

Pave your weigh to accurate analytical results
James Palmer, Application Specialist, Sartorius Corporation
 18:15 (CET) 
 13:15 (ET)   10:15(PT)

Quantification of toxic tire degradant 6PPD-quinone in surface water
Dr. Emily Parry, LCMS Application Scientist, Agilent Technologies, Inc.

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