Editorial Article: PolyScience temperature control solutions support COVID-19 response

The cutting-edge technology is utilized to aid drug development and medical equipment production

13 May 2020

Scientists' Choice Awards, 2020

PolyScience is a leading manufacturer of liquid temperature control solutions

With the ongoing global health crisis, medical facilities are being subjected to an unprecedented test of endurance. Scientists worldwide are at the forefront of efforts to develop effective drugs and vaccines against COVID-19 and many are relying on PolyScience products as essential tools in that endeavor. As a leading manufacturer of liquid temperature control solutions, PolyScience was declared an essential business and as in the past with other global medical crises has shown commitment to support COVID-19 research and vaccine development by continuing to work on through the pandemic.

“We have always been there to supply the laboratory industry with equipment and the tools they need to be successful and now more than ever that success is key to finding an end to this disease. The temperature control equipment we provide serves a broad range of applications. Whether it is a CT scan, PET scan or medical tests, our chillers are involved with that. Right now, we are focusing our production to supply our products globally and making sure that hospitals have what they need,” says Phillip Preston, CEO of PolyScience.

Researchers are able to use temperature control solutions from PolyScience to precisely control the temperatures of their bioreactors and ensure maximum efficiency in their drug development. In the field of diagnostics, temperature control is a key component in the cultivation of cultures as well as in the preparation of storage of laboratory samples. Products such as their DuraChill chillers are able to provide reliable temperature control solutions to facilities working on COVID-19 diagnostics, clinical care, vaccine development and long-term research.


Future developments at PolyScience

In order to support science and research in the best way in the fight against the pandemic, PolyScience temperature control technology is also being used in the production of medical devices and protective equipment. In response to a pressing need for more ventilators to treat the critically ill, PolyScience is actively researching the development of a splitter that will allow a single ventilator to treat multiple patients. A key risk associated with the ventilator splitter is cross-contamination, but this product aims to address these concerns by correctly managing air flow to patients.  

I see this as a short-term solution that PolyScience can do to help the world get past this challenge.

Phillip Preston

CEO, PolyScience

“Doing these things are outside of our core business, but I see this as a short-term solution that PolyScience can do to help the world get past this challenge,” says Preston.

Coordinated safety and organization measures have been implemented to ensure that the company itself is not affected by the virus whilst at the same time maintaining production. Its approach has been one of abundant caution in order to help minimize the risk to employees and their families. Remote work plans have been implemented as well as development of a resource matrix to leverage cross-trained personnel in various key areas.

“We are here to support the medical industry in combating this disease. With our global distribution centre in Europe as well as our world headquarters in the United States, we are here to offer our support in any way we can. I have confidence in our laboratory community that we can end this challenge,” says Preston.

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